Institute of Oceanology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Burgas municipality, and Black Sea Basin Directorate – Varna, has successfully implemented the project: Marine litter, eutrophication and noise assessment tools - MARLEN. The project was partially completed using a specially adapted Spy Owl 200 unmanned aircraft system developed and manufactured by UAS Europe AB, Linköping, Sweden. For further information see:


MARLEN Video Link <Click Here>




A typical flight test day at UAS Europe. -5 degrees Celsius and nice calm weather out at the Flight Test field. This time we tested our new algorithm for automatic loiter landing. The new algorithm allows EasyPilot 3.0 (our autopilot) controlled UAV's to minimize the required landing area. This is done by circulating around the landing point and at the right moment, at the right altitude, land the UAV in a safe way using a laser altimeter. We performed several fully autonomous flights with a landing accuracy of +/- 3 m. The EasyPilot 3.0 still offers previous auto landing modes such as left leg (6 waypoints), right leg (6 waypoints) and straight landing (3 waypoints). This new Loiter landing feature will be standard on all our Spy Owl 200 UAV's in the future.




UAS Europe AB is proud to announce that our UAS Ground Control Software, SkyView GCS Version 2.4, has been released.

Some of the new features include:

  • Upgrade to DirectX 11 and .Net 4.6.1
  • Fly Zones
  • Alarm panel integrated in Map Display
  • Preflight Display for integration of checklists in SkyView
  • Show secondary speed and altitude values in Status Display
  • Simulator VSM upgraded to C++ VSM Example
  • Joystick plugin for Engine and Flight Termination
  • And much more!
  • See What´s New and release notes for full list of features and bug fixes

Further information can be found under product menu.


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