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Bridge between Mavlink and STANAG-4586

Bridge between Mavlink and STANAG-4586

UAS Europe is super excited to announce that we now officially have support for any Mavlink compliant autopilots using the PX4 firmware. Standard configuration support right now is for MultiCopters, QuadPlanes and TetherCopters. Soon we will also support Fixed Wing UAV's.

The Mavlink <-> STANAG-4586 bridge solution is based on a new Mavlink VSM software which is fully compliant with Mavlink in one end and with NATO STANAG-4586 in the other end. This means that any STANAG-4586 compliant GCS, such as our own GCS software SkyView GCS, can control all the stages of the flight including Take-Off, Mission, Loiter, Semi-autonomous joystick control and Landing.

Further information can be found under product menu.

Special thanks to the MAVSDK open source project. For further reading see: https://mavsdk.mavlink.io