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EasyPilot 3.0 - Miniature Autopilot

EasyPilot 3.0 miniature autopilot

Field Proven

Easy To Use

Developers Kit Available


Product Description

What is EasyPilot 3.0?
EasyPilot 3.0 is an easy to use miniature autopilot for unmanned vehicles. The hardware consists of a single circuit board with all the necessary sensors integrated, including 3-axis gyros and accelerometers, low-latency GPS, airspeed and altitude sensors, servo and payload ports as well as a integrated data link modem. The on-board software utilize high-performance mathematical algorithms, allowing advanced sensor fusion and control.

Why you should choose EasyPilot 3.0?
User experience has been a major focus when developing the EasyPilot 3.0. Operating your unmanned vehicle should be a pleasure! Another focus has been safety, safety for the operator as well as the surroundings. EasyPilot 3.0 has therefore been equipped with only high quality components and sophisticated fail safe functionality has been implemented. Everything in order to make you feel safe and comfortable when operating your unmanned vehicle.

Example Features

Flight Modes

UAV Flight Modes
EasyPilot 3.0 supports multiple aircraft control modes to fulfill all your needs for different tasks. You can fly between waypoints in Mission mode, circulate around a point of interest in Loiter mode or steer by controlling heading, altitude and speed in Flight Director mode. A semi-autonomous mode using a joystick can be used if manual control is desired.

Fully Autonomous Flights

Autonomous UAV Flight
The latest firmware version of EasyPilot 3.0 supports fully autonomous flights, from launch to landing. The operator can plan a mission with automatic transit to mission after launch and then transit to autoland after mission completion. This feature gives the operator possibility to focus on other important tasks such as payload control and monitoring.

Emergency Behavior

UAV Emergency Modes
Several emergency features are available in the EasyPilot 3.0. Go Home, Circulate and  Emergency Landing are a few examples, where Go Home takes your vehicle back to your home waypoint, Circulate make it fly in a circular pattern at the current position and Emergency Landing performs a autonomous landing. The emergency behavior can be configured by the operator in order to fit your environment and mission.

User Settings

UAV Settings
A lot of settings are available for the operator in order to create a tailored flight behavior based on your preferences. Control and Navigation parameters, operational limits and emergency behavior are examples of available settings. Uploading new settings during flight makes it possible to trim the control loops and navigation during real flight tests.

Hardware In the Loop Simulator

Harware In the Loop Simulator for UAVs

Our Hardware In the Loop Simulator is based on EasyPilot 3.0. The Hardware In the Loop Simulator is a perfect tool for training new operators. It also allows you to plan and fly missions in a simulated environment before performing the same flight with your aircraft.

Autopilot Developers Kit

Autopilot Developers Kit

The Autopilot Developers Kit allows you to fully customize the functionality of the EasyPilot 3.0. You can for example implement customer specific payload control, expand the communication protocol and develop your own control and navigation algorithms.

Vehicle Integration

UAV system integration
The generous number of settings makes integration into your own vehicle an easy task. Uploading new settings during flight makes it possible to trim the control loops and navigation during real flight tests. We currently support convetional fixed wing with ailerons, elevator and rudder as well as delta wing and V-tail.   

SkyView GCS Compability

SkyView GCS Compliant
EasyPilot 3.0 is specially designed to work with SkyView GCS ground control station software, which give you ability to utilize the full potential of the EasyPilot 3.0.

Are your interested in additional information and pricing?

Pricing Plan

EasyPilot 3.0 UAV autopilot

EasyPilot 3.0

  • Multiple fail safe functions
  • 9 DoF digital Inertial Measurement Unit , 1200 degrees/s maximum
  • Integrated data link modem and GPS
  • Internal 3-axis magnetometer
  • Dual processor sensor data processing and flight management
  • Multiple input/output ports (for full spec. see datasheet)
  • Input voltage ranging from 7.5V to 28V
  • Wide temperature range -20º - 85º C
  • Payload control capability
  • Control by Joystick or GCS Software
  • Optional Air and Ground Modem Available in 2.4 GHz, 869 MHz and 900 MHz versions
  • Optional SkyView GCS software and SkyView GCS Portable Computer
Autopilot Developers Kit

Autopilot Developers Kit

  • Autopilot Software Developers Kit
  • Develop your own control algorithms
  • Extend the communication protocol
  • Add additional analog inputs
  • Add additional I/O ports
  • Support for 3rd party Cameras/Payloads
  • NATO STANAG 4586 compliant EasyPilot VSM with partial source code.
  • SkyView EasyPilot 3.0
  • Programming cable
  • Air modem
  • Ground modem
  • Pitot tube
Hardware In the Loop Simulator for UAV

Hardware In the Loop Simulator

  • Complete UAS Hardware In the Loop Simulator in one box
  • NATO STANAG 4586 Compliant
  • H264 network video server which outputs sensor view from synthetic environment
  • 3D simulation software for synthetic environment
  • Partial EasyPilot 3.0 autopilot hardware
  • SkyView EasyPilot 3.0 VSM
  • Optional data modem for direct communication with Portable GCS
  • Software re-configurable via web interface
  • Location and Weather simulation
  • Aircraft selection
  • Integrated computer running synthetic 3D environment
  • USB firmware upgrade port