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Agri Owl 200

To help farmers

Easy to use agriculture drone

Spy Owl 200

Your eye in the sky

Easy to use surveillance drone

Portable GCS

Your complete hardware solution

NATO STANAG 4586 Compliant

SkyView GCS

Ground Control Station

NATO STANAG 4586 Compliant

EasyPilot 3.0

Flight Control System

Easy to use autopilot

Agriculture, Research and Surveillance Drones

UAS Europe is a Swedish company that provide complete unmanned aircraft systems for agriculture, research and surveillance applications. We have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of unmanned systems. We can also tailor our unmanned systems to fit your special needs.
Spy Owl 200 Surveillance, Agriculture and Research Unmanned Aircraft System, UAV, RPAS, UAS

Ground Control Station for Unmanned Vehicles

We offer a wide range of professional Ground Control Station (GCS) solutions which allow a single operator to handle all tasks related to flying an unmanned aircraft. Everything built according to NATO STANAG 4586 to ensure your GCS can control multiple UAS. Developer version allow full customization.
SkyView GCS NATO STANAG 4586 Compliant GCS for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Flight Control Systems for Unmanned Vehicles

Our flight control system suite is focused around our field proven EasyPilot 3.0 miniature autopilot for fixed wing UAV's and airships. The autopilot allow fully autonomous flights, from take-off, mission to landing. With our Developers Kit you can extend the functionality to meet your special requirements.
EasyPilot 3.0 Miniature Autopilot (Flight Control System) for Unmanned Aircraft System

Who We Are

UAS Europe is located in Linköping, the aviation capital of Sweden. The company is considered as one of the leading developers of small unmanned aircraft systems and subcomponents in Europe. For more than five years we have supplied small unmanned aircraft systems to organizations all over world such as USA, Germany, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Lithuania, Bulgaria etc.

Our field proven NATO STANAG 4586 compliant SkyView GCS ground control station software for unmanned systems has been used by more than 30 organizations all over the world. We try to constantly improve our products for safety, capability and most important usability. Our qualified support team make sure our customers get the best available support and that they are treated with respect. 

Our vision is to provide quality products and services that exceeds the expectations of our customers

Company Information and Contact Details

Business Name: UAS Europe AB
Business Address: Teknikringen 9, 58330 Linköping
Country: Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)13 560 22 40
E-mail: sales@uas-europe.com
Website: http://www.uas-europe.com
Owner: Robot Aviation AS, Norway (100%)
Primary Line of Business: Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Subcomponents

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Core Customers / Partners

We work closely with our core customers / partners and always strive to improve our products to meet end-customer requirements
UAS Europe Core Customer Base

Latest News

SkyView GCS Version 4.0 Released

SkyView GCS Version 4.0 Released

UAS Europe AB is proud to announce that our UAS Ground Control Software, SkyView GCS Version 4.0, has been released. Main focus on this release has...

SkyView GCS Version 2.5 Released

SkyView GCS Version 2.5 Released

UAS Europe AB is proud to announce that our UAS Ground Control Software, SkyView GCS Version 2.5, has been released. Some of the new features...

Robot Aviation acquires UAS Europe

Robot Aviation acquires UAS Europe

Robot Aviation, a Norwegian developer and producer of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, has acquired of UAS Europe AB, a Swedish developer of small...

Robot Aviation exhibiting our products at UMEX, UAE

Robot Aviation exhibiting our products at UMEX, UAE

We are happy to announce that our close partner Robot Aviation is exhibiting UAS Europe products at UMEX, UAE. Robot Aviation will have a...

Innovative Swedish Companies

Innovative Swedish Companies

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DST Product Order

DST Product Order

UAS Europe AB is proud to announce a product order for SkyView Surveillance Software from DST Control AB, Sweden. The software will be used to...


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