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What is an SDK?
SDK stands for Software Development Kit and it is used to speed up development of software applications. We offer three (3) different SDK's: Display SDK, Communication SDK and VSM C++ SDK.

What do I use it for?
Our Software Development Kit´s are created to facilitate development of a wide variaty of applications and it is a very cost efficient solution compared to develop your software from scratch. The SDK´s can of course be used separately but also easily be combined in order to develop advanced softwares. The SDK´s offer a powerful scalability which enables you to develop everything from simple computer programs to large complex systems. All SDK's includes a rich example library.

Example Applications
→ The SDK's can be used to develop advanced distributed network architectures for Border Control, Intelligent Sensor Management etc.  
→ Data monitoring from for example Weather Ballons or Test Vehicles
→ For Drone manufacturers it is an excellent tool for CUCS Development (Core UAV Control System). You can easily create an intuitive user interface using the Display SDK and implement STANAG 4586 communication using the Communication SDK.

Available SDK's

Display SDK

Display SDK
Our Display SDK is a programming framework for creating a rich Graphical User Interface for a wide variety of applications, typically UAV and/or sensor control and monitoring.

The Display SDK includes features such as:
  • Control Displays: Sensor, Mission, Loiter etc.
  • Monitoring Displays: Map, Terrain, Engine etc.
  • Video Display
  • Plugin Framework

Communication SDK

Communication SDK
Our Communication SDK will make it easy to create the communcation part of your ground control station. It is providing implementation of STANAG 4586 communication.

The Communication SDK includes features such as:
  • Send and receive DLI messages
  • Handle communication with multiple VSM connections
  • Take/Release vehicle control
  • User specific messages


It should be easy making your existing vehicle STANAG 4586 compatible. We offer a software developer's kit for Vehicle Specific Modules (VSM). The VSM translates the STANAG 4586 protocol and functionality into vehicle proprietary protocol. Together with SkyViews ability to disable existing, and develop custom functionality all vehicles can be STANAG 4586 compatible with minimized effort.

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Pricing Plan

Display SDK

  • Full Display Framework for customized applications
  • Based on .NET Framework Version 4.6.1
  • DirectX 11 Rendering of Map and 3D
  • Program in C#, Visual Basic or any other .NET languages
  • Map and Terrain with WMS support
  • Mission
  • Flight Director
  • Loiter Control
  • Recording and Replay Control
  • Fly Zones and No Fly Zones
  • Offline Mission Planner
  • Predicted and Mission Elevation Profile
  • FalconView Maps, Threat and Drawing files
  • Google Drawing File Import (.kml, .kmz)
  • Video with Camera Control
  • 12 Month E-mail Support
  • 12 Month Free Upgrades
  • Included Video Software Development Kit

Communication SDK

  • NATO STANAG 4586 CUCS Compliant SDK
  • Based on .NET Framework
  • Program in C#, Visual Basic or any other .NET languages
  • Handle communication with multiple VSM connections
  • Multi threaded message pump
  • Send and Receive standard DLI messages
  • Send and Receive user specific DLI messages
  • Take/Release vehicle control
  • Control multiple payloads
  • STANAG 4586 Message Analyzer application included
  • 12 Month E-mail Support
  • 12 Month Free Upgrades

VSM C++ SDK Developer

  • NATO STANAG 4586 VSM Compliant SDK
  • Platform independant, written in ANSI C/C++
  • Multi-threaded and lightweight
  • Multiple Ground Control Stations can be connected simultaneously
  • Remote Display Support (HTTP and JavaScript)
  • STANAG 4586 Message Analyzer application included
  • 12 Month E-mail Support
  • 12 Month Free Upgrades